Collaclot and Pet First aid for bleeding

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Using Collaclot

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Practical Application of COLLACLOT™ in Pet Emergencies


Discover the practical application of COLLACLOT™ in pet emergencies in this video, exploring its real-world usage and benefits.

Utilizing COLLACLOT™ in Pet First Aid Kits

In the realm of pet first aid, a comprehensive pet first aid kit is essential. Here's how COLLACLOT™ fits in:

  • Upgrade Option: COLLACLOT™ can be added to our first aid kits as an upgrade for enhanced emergency preparedness.
  • Kit Inclusions: Our kits feature standard first aid items, with the option to include COLLACLOT™ for advanced bleeding control.

Choosing the Right Size of COLLACLOT™

Consider the size options for COLLACLOT™ to ensure optimal handling in various situations:

  • Size Variants: Two sizes are available, with the larger size offering greater versatility.

Additional Items for Effective Wound Management

Supplement COLLACLOT™ with essential items for comprehensive wound care:

  • Non-Adherent Dressings: Ideal for securing COLLACLOT™ without sticking to fur.
  • Cohesive Bandages: Ensures dressings stay in place by adhering to themselves.

Creating Non-Adherent Pads

In case your kit lacks non-adherent pads, follow these steps:

  • DIY Pads: Repurpose the pad from a standard dressing to create non-adherent pads.

Application of COLLACLOT™

Follow these steps to effectively apply COLLACLOT™ and manage bleeding:

  • Apply and Secure: After applying COLLACLOT™ to the wound, secure it with a non-adherent pad and bandage.

Compact Kits for Specific Activities

For activities prone to cuts, opt for compact kits that include COLLACLOT™:

  • Bleeding Kit for Dogs: Designed for agility training and working with gun dogs, offering minimalistic yet effective bleeding control.


This video provides insights into managing bleeding emergencies and maximizing the benefits of COLLACLOT™ in your pet first aid kit.