Collaclot and Pet First aid for bleeding

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Using Collaclot

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Explore the practical application of COLLACLOT™ in pet emergencies in this video. We'll delve into its real-world usage, having already discussed its benefits in previous videos. Our focus here is the handling and effective use of COLLACLOT™, and its application for various injuries will be detailed in upcoming videos.

In the realm of pet first aid, a comprehensive pet first aid kit is a must-have. Such kits, replete with essential tools, are readily available. We offer a wide variety of pet first-aid kits, which can be found on Every item we feature here is a standard inclusion in our first aid kits, except for COLLACLOT™. However, our kits provide an upgrade option to include COLLACLOT™. If you already own a first aid kit, we highly recommend adding COLLACLOT™ to it, given its potential necessity in emergency situations.

In this video, we use a larger size of COLLACLOT™ as an example. There are two sizes to choose from, and we suggest opting for the larger size for maximum versatility in handling various situations.

Apart from COLLACLOT™, which can be directly applied to wounds to stop bleeding, your first aid kit should also contain additional items. These include standard first aid dressings, non-adherent dressings to secure the COLLACLOT™, and cohesive bandages. Cohesive bandages are especially useful as they adhere to themselves and not to fur, making them ideal for keeping dressings in place.

If your kit doesn't include non-adherent pads, you can create your own by using the pad from a standard dressing. These pads are in a typical HSE medium dressing, available in both our pet and standard first aid kits. Simply remove the bandage from the dressing with scissors, leaving you with a non-adherent pad.

Once the COLLACLOT™ is applied to the wound, you can secure it with a non-adherent pad and bandage. This allows the COLLACLOT™ to function effectively, controlling the bleeding.

With COLLACLOT™, you don't need a vast array of supplies. If you're involved in activities such as agility training or working with gun dogs where cuts are a common concern, a compact kit will suffice. We offer a specific bleeding kit for dogs that includes COLLACLOT™ and dressings. This minimalistic, sealed pouch is ideal for handling both minor and severe injuries.

In future videos, we'll examine how to handle various types of cuts. This video summarises what your first aid kit needs to manage bleeding and optimise the use of COLLACLOT™.