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Bleeding Claws

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Managing Bleeding Claws with COLLACLOT™


In this segment, we'll explore effective methods for handling bleeding claws, a common issue among pets.

The Challenge of Bleeding Claws

Bleeding claws can occur when a claw is cut too short or when a pet injures its claw accidentally. Due to the claw's structure, bleeding can be severe.


COLLACLOT™: COLLACLOT™ plays a crucial role in staunching bleeding and promoting healing in damaged or overly-trimmed claws.

Application Method

Here's how to apply COLLACLOT™ to stop bleeding claws:

  • Usage: Tear off a small piece of COLLACLOT™ and apply it directly onto the affected claw.
  • Hold in Place: Press the COLLACLOT™ onto the wound manually or with a dressing, holding it until the bleeding stops.
  • Duration: Bleeding typically halts within three to five minutes after application.

Benefits of COLLACLOT™

COLLACLOT™ offers several advantages:

  • Adherence: It adheres well to the wound, ensuring effective haemostasis.
  • Safe Composition: Its collagen composition poses no harm if ingested accidentally by pets.

Application Beyond Claws

This quick-fix method using COLLACLOT™ can also be applied to minor cuts on the body, providing a swift solution to halt bleeding and initiate healing.


COLLACLOT™ offers a quick and effective solution for managing bleeding claws and minor cuts, ensuring the well-being of pets.