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Packing a wound

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Exploring Wound Packing: A Critical Skill in Managing Severe Injuries


In this video, we delve into the technique of wound packing, an essential skill for managing serious injuries.

The Importance of Wound Packing

Understanding how to pack wounds is crucial, especially for severe injuries such as those from bomb blasts or severe bites.

Utilizing COLLACLOT™ for Wound Packing

We utilize COLLACLOT™ for wound packing, which involves applying it directly into the wound cavity to stop bleeding and initiate healing.

Procedure for Wound Packing

Here's how the wound packing process works:

  • Application: COLLACLOT™ is applied directly into the wound cavity.
  • Securing: Once applied, a gauze or non-adherent pad is placed on top, followed by direct pressure.
  • Final Dressing: Secure everything in place with a standard dressing or cohesive bandage.

Cautionary Notes

While wound packing is essential, caution is required to avoid further harm:

  • Proper Technique: Avoid forcing the packing material into the wound to prevent additional damage.
  • Advantages of COLLACLOT™: COLLACLOT™ offers ease of application without causing harm to the animal, promoting efficient healing.


Wound packing with COLLACLOT™ is a valuable skill for managing severe injuries, ensuring effective haemostasis and promoting the healing process.