Collaclot and Pet First aid for bleeding

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Now, in these videos we have looked at different injuries. There are lots of other ones out there that we could work with, there is dental injuries... Again, you can use Collaclot on there, it is not a problem. It is impossible to put any bandage, but if you have had a cut inside the mouth, you can pop Collaclot in there, hold it in place to help stop the bleed and promote the healing. And you can also use it on any other part of the animal you like, it does not matter where it is actually being used. Unlike other haemostats, where you are just stuck with being able to use them in certain places.

So when you are using products like Collaclot, then you can do your best. And the key thing is, if you have got Collaclot with you, then you have got more of a chance of stopping the bleed. You can only do your best, but a product like this is so simple to use. Now, we have waited years for a product like this within pet first aid because with pets, it is a real problem. There is nothing really out there to deal with them, because there is just other products aimed at humans, which you can use on pets, but they are just not that suitable. Whereas, this is totally flexible, whether it is a cut claw, right up to a major bomb blast or an amputation, Collaclot is the ideal product and really is a must-have for every single first aid kit. If you want to know more about Collaclot, or you want information on buying it, you can contact us or you can go to our website and you can buy any other range of Collaclot products.