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Knife wounds

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Using COLLACLOT™ for Knife Wounds and Lacerations


Focus of the Video: This video concentrates on the application of COLLACLOT™ in treating knife wounds or severe lacerations caused by sharp objects like glass.

Common Scenarios: Examples include injuries from knives or broken windows, frequently encountered in pets.

Characteristics of the Injuries

Type of Wound: These injuries often result in wounds with separated edges, exposing a significant area and leading to profuse bleeding.

Urgency of Intervention: Immediate treatment is vital as delays can result in excessive blood loss, endangering the pet's life.

Utilizing Large COLLACLOT™

Recommended Product: For severe wounds, the large size of COLLACLOT™ is advised due to its effectiveness.

Flexibility and Application: COLLACLOT™ can be placed over or within the wound, moulded as needed, and applied directly, with pressure.

Application and Benefits

During Application: Exercise caution as the animal may be in pain, preventing any potential biting incidents.

Informing the Vet: Notify your veterinarian immediately about the severe injury and your imminent arrival.

Bleeding Control and Healing: COLLACLOT™ swiftly stops bleeding by interacting with blood, promoting both clot formation and healing.

After Application

Securing COLLACLOT™: Additional bandages or cohesive bandages can be used to secure COLLACLOT™ once bleeding has ceased.

Transporting to Vet: Safely transport your pet to the vet promptly for further treatment and stitching.

Important Considerations

Documentation: Note the time of injury and COLLACLOT™ application, and bring the packaging to the vet for reference.

Safety and Efficacy: COLLACLOT™ is safe for pets and superior to many other haemostatic agents due to its effective wound-packing capability.


Universal Application: Whether for dogs or other animals, the treatment process remains consistent, focusing on addressing the injury promptly.